Cat Bathing Techniques

While Fluffy might seem sweet and hard 99% of the time, all bets go out of the window whenever you hold them in your arms and approaching a tub, a sink or other body of water. The unfortunate reality for pets and owners alike is that your cat will sometimes need to be bathed so as to maximize health and reduce the likelihood for possible problems. So as to minimize harm to you or your animal, the following tips and suggestions are helpful to make bathtime a success – if not a treat for all parties involved. If you have ever held your loving pet in your arms and after that dumped out a glass of water or shot On a faucet, you are probably aware of the dangers.

It behooves you to cut your cats nails prior to addressing the problem of a bath. Not only could you avoid having your arms ripped to pieces, you can calm your cat as well. Let your cat unwind before showering water over them. Some cats respond to nail clipping calmly, and it is seen by others as an act of war. In case your cat is calm, they are likely to respond to the prospect of bathing better than if they are hyped up on catnip or have just played run and dash with their siblings. Before approaching the bath, make sure to remove any lose fur. Brushing a cat even calm them and makes them feel safe and loved – and they are much more prone to approach the situation calmly. When initially dampen your pet, take care to avoid getting water directly in their eyes, ears or nose. Human shampoo can dry out your cat’s skin and make it more very sensitive, and you would not want to use a product that may potentially harm them.

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