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8 popular strains of Dogs – dogs to bring to Thailand

After we got We have introduced cat breeds, and this time there are some dog breeds. The dog is considered a companion or buddy of different breeds with humans for many generations. Because of loveliness, intelligence and perversity in pleasing Moreover, the loyalty of the dog who sacrificed his life to protect his owner. Which is no surprise why many ... Read More »

Puppy Dog Training

The most necessary skill you need to instruct your English bulldog pup is the way to behave on a leash. Once your pup is trained well into walk on a leash they’re more manageable. Taking him out on walk on a leash is going to be a bonding experience you may both anticipate. Train your English bulldog pup into his ... Read More »

Smart Dog Training Tips

Understand that a puppy is a baby dog – not a miniature adult. Adjust your expectancy accordingly, considering his physical and psychological limitations. Puppy proof your home with baby gates, a crate, and\/or a pen. Whenever the pup is not directly supervised, then he must be in a safe location where he cannot get into trouble. Nobody would think of ... Read More »

Dog Roles

The village of Mamaroneck, in Westchester County, is the first community in NY state to ban pet stores from selling commercially bred puppies. Mamaroneck joins nearly 125 American municipalities with comparable laws. The goal is to choke off distribution distributors for Puppy mills, with animal welfare groups hoping more NY lawmakers will follow suit statewide. NY state legislators could set ... Read More »

Cutest Dogs In The World

Yorkie puppies are among the cutest baby dog species on the planet. They’re called toy puppies since they can follow commands with severe training. From all of these little puppies, one can really get pride and comfort all at the same time. Before a pet owner can sense very satisfied with their pup, you will find important tips in training ... Read More »