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Scottish Fold cat breed, food, how to treat, habits

Scottish Fold Cat General Information Scottish Fold cats are one of the most popular cat breeds that Thais and foreigners love to raise. The highlight is the folded ears, round head, big eyes, short neck, making it look like a doll that many people fall in love at first sight. The Scottish Fold cats we see are generally short-haired, but ... Read More »

Why Cats Bite

It may seem counter intuitive for cats to wish to play so rough, but it’s really yet another curious felidae instinct. Nicholas Dodman, clinical and professor behaviorist at Tufts University College of Veterinary Medicine, says: Kittens are adorable, but if they’re about four months old, a dark side generally emerges – a side that entails apparently diabolical aggression. Dodman says, ... Read More »

Why Cats Like Catnip

Many cat owners have wondered what’s so special about catnip. Catnip is not really one plant, but the entire genus, Nepeta, comprising 250 species of plants. These plants seem like little green grey mint leaves with buds of purple or white blossoms. Catnip was used for ages as a herbal remedy and has been the most typical tea consumed in ... Read More »

Most Cat

Are you currently creating cat coaching issues and making things harder on your own? There is an assortment of things a cat owner can perform, without even recognizing it, which would affect his cat’s behaviour and training in a drawback manner. This one common error will keep you from using a loving, peaceful relationship with your cat. If you believe ... Read More »

Cat Cucumber

Members of the United Kingdom’s Parliament Need a cat, but not just for Workplace cuddles: As The Telegraph reports, the Palace of Westminster the Assembly place of Parliament’s two Homes, the House of Commons and also the House of Lords-is overrun with vermin, and also officials had Sufficient. They believe an in house felidae would continue to continue to keep ... Read More »

Cat Afraid Of Dog

She understands her fear is irrational, but this sound, even in the space, sends her to a full blown panic attack. For pet lovers, it is hard to imagine anyone using this type of severe response to a cat or dog, however it occurs. It’s called a particular phobia, and the affliction is a lot more common than many people ... Read More »

Dog And Babies

Do not rush to attach a leash, do not rush out for a walk and do not rush to socialize. Gaining their faith is the key to success, this depends on the dog’s character. This assists them since they decompress, there is less to shield look after and because of this they may unwind and expect one to take the ... Read More »

Cats And Babies

If you are a family waiting, it is natural to be worried about the protection of your infant. There are various tales going around about infants and cats, a few of them none too agreeable. Cats and infants have lived together harmoniously through the ages, and there are several things you might do to help them become friends. There are ... Read More »

Cats Make Wonderful Friends

What can you do to make living with your own cat a nice experience for you or your felidae friend? Cats are wonderful pets, and they’re great companions. Indoor cats will display natural behaviours that may be frustrating and hard to control. Many cat owners enjoy the business of their furry little friends since they’ve solved behavior issues by using ... Read More »

Funny Cats

The internet provides plenty of entertainment and that’s very true whenever you look at hilarious cat videos. They’re going to make you rolling and many of them you might need to watch over and over. Too often men and women perceive cats as just lying about and do nothing. So it is very charming for them to see those animals ... Read More »