Let’s start with the large breed dogs first. For friends who think that the small dog breed is not satisfied. Try to find a large, warm hugging dog to play with when you’re lonely. and acting as a watchdog at the same time Let me tell you that in this article, we have prepared a buy-sell price. Approximately of each large dog breed But if any friends like and want to check the price of small breed dogs. We have prepared for you as well.

Once you know the approximate price of each dog breed, don’t wait. Today, Yora Thailand recommends 18 large dog breeds. cute to be a four-legged friend a kind big brother But it looks formidable. and can protect family members We include information about dogs such as general characteristics, temperament, various diseases to be aware of, estimated prices. Recommended farms in Thailand And the right food is already provided. Well, don’t wait, let’s go and see.

1. Alaskan Malamute

Let’s start with the giant, warm hugging ‘Alaskan Malamute’ who is often mistaken for a Siberian Husky, but the two are actually quite different. please In particular, the size of Alaska is clearly larger. But in the mischievous part, it is secretly a little inferior to the Husky. The breed originated from the Malamute tribe in northern Alaska. Act as a sled dog along the snowy path Because this big dog breed is very powerful. and extremely powerful

general characteristics

The ears are set triangular, the nose is long.

large bone structure and very strong

Fluffy fur all over the body, available in many colors.

Average weight 30 – 40 kg.

habits and lifestyle

Love freedom, love to explore the wide world.

Enthusiastic (but not as mischievous as the Husky)

Friendly with humans, likes to be around the owner.

Not much barking, but may howl instead of bruh

Diseases to be aware of

Hip dysplasia occurs more frequently in overweight dogs. It usually begins in the loose humerus of the hind leg. If left untreated, it may lead to paralysis and unable to live a normal life. This can be prevented by providing proper nutrition. and fit exercise

Appropriate food: because the Alaskan Big Brother has a healthy body. Ready to run, play, exercise all the time Food is therefore very important for the dog to have a complete quality of life. Owners should choose quality large breed dog food. high protein content as well as having other nutrients in the right amount You need to divide your food into smaller meals during the day and limit your food intake accordingly. to prevent problems with excess weight The older the younger This dog’s weight is easy to gain. And the excitement may be reduced to an old mother Therefore, there must be a special way of caring for this breed as it grows older.

2.Rough Collie

‘Collie’, the smartest sheepdog of Scotland. It’s another big, long-haired dog that’s always cute. Because with a silly face combined with the intelligence of this breed I guarantee that you will definitely become loved by the whole house. And even though Collie used to be a worker on a sheep farm. But nowadays we may see this breed of dog participating in the competition. They can show off their skills to run fast and follow orders sharply. Let me tell you that it’s not difficult to teach to follow instructions.

general characteristics

noticeably long nose

Long, straight, shiny hair

large, triangular auricle

Average age 10 – 16 years

habits and lifestyle

Enthusiastic, likes to play naughty all the time.

Get along well with everyone in the family.

Love children, suitable for homes with children.

May not stop barking when bored or meet strangers

Diseases to be aware of

Dogs Cancer A survey found that more than a quarter of dog breeds suffer from cancer. This can be caused by a number of factors such as heredity, environment, and diet. Owners should take precautions early on when things are under control. Especially paying attention to choosing high quality food.

Suitable food : Suitable food for the collie. is a food that is rich in high nutrition To balance the energy a collie needs to run each day and keep her coat looking good. Owners should calculate the proper amount of food for each dog. Usually, these dogs require slightly more protein than normal. And should be divided into 2 – 3 small meals per day.

3 Siberian Husky

One of the most popular large dog breeds is the husky, fluffy fur and blue eyes. These dogs are energetic, energetic and charming. be greedy like to be near the owner Some are gifted with the ability to speak or sing. The origin of this breed comes from the Siberian region of Russia. It started out as a Working Dog or working dog before. Most of them act as sled dogs in cold regions. But even if you can work hard But this one is so stubborn that it has earned him the nickname ‘Sybeling’. Just let the kids run a lot. Because the Siberian dog is very energy-hungry.

general characteristics

It has thick fur and almond-shaped eyes.

The ears stand elegantly in a triangular shape. Receive the audio signal clearly.

good long nose very good sense of smell

The average weight is 18 – 27 kg.

habits and lifestyle

Lots of energy, likes to run naughty.

cheerful, good-humored, naughty

More howling than barking, some can sing chorus along.

Smart, easy to learn (lock the cage well because he may secretly open the cage door by himself)

Diseases to be aware of

GDV Syndrome: Gastric Dilatation Volvulus (dilated and distended stomach) is often caused by the husky rushing to eat or drink excessive amounts of water after a run. until the twisting of the stomach until death This can be avoided by paying attention to the amount of food and water. Don’t put aside too much. In addition, there are various diseases in dogs that need to be careful as the dog breeds older. As you’ve heard, country dogs are often weak and easily ill, it might not be an exaggeration to say.

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