Pugs are small, cute dogs, popularly kept as house pets all around the world. At first sight, a Pug may resemble a little bulldog or a miniature mastiff. This breed is totally distinctive, with its heavily wrinkled, flat, round face. Pugs originated in China in about 700 BC and since trade routes grew, the breed spread out over to Europe and America. The dog is portrayed by a large, round head, short, stocky body and a tail that’s curled closely over the hip. The Pug is a very social dog, but can be stubborn sometimes. They’ve an inclination to shed far more in relation to other dogs in the exact same category and also often snore.

They’re also vulnerable to several diseases, such as an inflammation of the mind, a disease regrettably particular to the breed. Despite their loving disposition and adorable look, Pugs are left handed over the US daily. In many cases, the proprietor may find the dog a burden because it may need more care and time than the individual is willing to give. Some Pugs are left because they develop some illness or disease at a young stage. It is a sad sight to see such poor helpless creatures suffer. All hope isn’t lost as several nonprofit organizations look after such homeless dogs.

Pug rescue occurs on a big scale in most US states, with each using many organizations committed to the cause. These organizations locate homeless and neglected Pugs and Pug crossbreeds. They work towards finding them better houses where they’ll be well cared and protected. These Pug rescue organizations look after vaccinations and also deal with that the animal for any diseases and ailments. The businesses also provide foster care for the animals till they find a loving family.

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