Like newborn babies, your new born pup demands the same loving attention and care. Just like toddlers infants, your new born pup will need more sleep than adult dogs and continuous feeding. A good way to keep health complications is supply your new born pup with all nutrients that it might get by letting it drink it’s mother milk. Never stop them ever and continuously spend a peak at them to see whether they’d their mother’s milk within the first 12 hours. Like all mothers, the mom dog has a natural impulse to take care of it’s infant. In some rare cases, the mom dog may neglect among them.

Then you need to take the liability to look after your new born pup. As toddlers dogs don’t create body heat in the first weeks, it is never a bad idea that the mother keeps them hot to keep them from catching pneumonia. For the first week, prepare and put your new born puppies in a massive dog basket or a box with a few soft bedsheets. Additionally put a dim lamp with them to keep them hot. A good temperature will be a constant about 97 degrees. Check in with your vet or a pup owner for advocated commercial nutrient formulations for new born puppies.

It is essential to bottle feed them throughout their first 48 to 3 days, every two – 3 hours. Gently pat their backs after feeding these to allow burping. Ensure that the bottle nipple hole isn’t too big when bottle feeding them. Do not take any chances and be cautious as they can suffocate along with develop pneumonia due to excess liquid going to their lungs which lead to fatality. Ensure you do these thing in the very first crucial couple of weeks. You can begin by feeding him blended puppy cereals along with a puppy formula.

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