Why Cats Like Catnip

Many cat owners have wondered what’s so special about catnip. Catnip is not really one plant, but the entire genus, Nepeta, comprising 250 species of plants. These plants seem like little green grey mint leaves with buds of purple or white blossoms. Catnip was used for ages as a herbal remedy and has been the most typical tea consumed in Europe before trading has been established from the orient. How it works: Anyone who has noticed a cat react to catnip has probably wondered exactly what the trigger is. It is believed that the compound emitted by the plant reproduces felidae pheromone.

Valerian and honeysuckle also comprise more trace quantities of the complex chemical. While dried catnip has some impact, fresh catnip is particularly enticing. A lot of cats react to the by rolling about, pawing, meowing, biting, licking, scratching and even becoming competitive or euphoric. Interestingly this same compound functions to repel cockroaches and termites, so getting kitty a bite is helpful for the entire house. In the Genes? : It is suspected that catnip answer is genetic as you will find several cat strains which don’t react to catnip, most especially Australian and Southeast Asian strains. Cats whose strains are from regions where catnip does not grow are more inclined to be immune to reacting along with kittens that aren’t yet sexually mature. Availability: Catnip can be obtained distilled to a spray, as a pure petroleum, dried, dried leaves or dried or dried buds. Catnip may be sewn to the linings of kitty beds and toys or sprayed directly on.

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