Ever since a few viral movies featured cats and cucumbers, people have been wondering why are cats scared of cucumbers? The solution is more complicated than you could imagine. The videos showed cats leaping to the air with alarm after noticing that the rogue cucumber, and they also made people interested to try out the trick for themselves. All of the videos follow the same Formula that contain a cat regularly eating food from their bowl as a cucumber is surreptitiously put behind them. The truth is there’s even a whole Subreddit specializing in cucumbers and cats. Good fun for us, but not so much for the bad frightened cat.

So prior to going and try it out on your own and increase the several videos on YouTube of cats vs cocktails be aware that, since the National Geographic notes, it is not good for them. Actually it pressures them hugely, which is obviously bad. If you cause stress into a creature that’s most likely not a fantastic thing, Jill Goldman, a certified animal behaviorist, told National Geographic. Animal behavior expert Dr Roger Mugford reiterated this point into the Metro site saying, I believe that why are cats scared of cucumbers and the following response is a result of the novelty and the unexpected find an odd object secretly placed while their minds were down from the food bowl.

So maybe if you put a lettuce there it could cause a comparable reaction? Well, possibly. It could also be the particular colour of the cucumber that triggers the cats reaction and makes them afraid, but why green? Well, namely because they could be associating the colour green with snakes that are a deadly predator. This appears to be the most reliable reason why cats respond to cocktails suddenly appearing in their vicinity. It appears that this isn’t the case and without any science to back this up or to cats to suddenly begin talking and let us know their emotions about cucumbers we may just assume that it must be comparable to humans and spiders. Some of people are comfortable with them, a number of us freak out and are fearful.

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