Members of the United Kingdom’s Parliament Need a cat, but not just for Workplace cuddles: As The Telegraph reports, the Palace of Westminster the Assembly place of Parliament’s two Homes, the House of Commons and also the House of Lords-is overrun with vermin, and also officials had Sufficient. They believe an in house felidae would continue to continue to keep the rodents at bay and defray skyrocketing pest management costs. Taxpayers in the uk recently had to endure the brunt of a 7, 000 pest control invoice after palace maintenance jobs and office renovations bothered mice and moths from their slumber.

The bill which has been almost one 3rd higher when compared with the preceding year’s covered the cost of a complete time pest control tech and 1700 bait stations. Nevertheless, some Members of Parliament believe their problem may be solved the conventional way: by simply deploying a talented mouser. MP Penny Mordaunt tried taking things into her very own hands by bring four cats including her very own pet kitty, Titania-to work. This solution did not last long as safety and health officials banned the cats from Parliament. While cats aren’t allowed from Parliament, other government offices allegedly have in house felines.

Now, MPs who’re sick of mice getting in their food, running throughout desks, and also scurrying around in the tearoom are petitioning for the exact same luxury.

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