When the liver is no more able to operate correctly, it is a condition known as liver failure. The end phases of liver collapse is when the disease is so complex that it’ll not be able to execute its metabolism and protein synthesizing tasks. There are two kinds of and both have different time frames wherein the end stages appear. There are various causes of collapse of the liver and all of these may at some stage or other are also the primary reason behind the end stages of liver failure. Commonly seen causes of the disorder include hepatitis B, hepatitis C, bile duct diseases, excessive use of alcohol, alcoholism, autoimmune disorders, metabolic disorders, drug abuse, liver cancer, fat accumulation in that the liver and an overdose of paracetamol.

Among the largest problems with diagnosing collapse of the liver is the signs are many, but so are the ailments which have the same signals. In severe cases of severe liver collapse that has reached the end phases, things such as coma, deliriousness, stomach pain and incoherency are not rare to see in patients. Discovering that someone is experiencing symptoms connected into the end stage liver failure may only be done with medical examinations performed in hospitals, The tests for diagnosing it in that the end stages completed include CT scans, monitoring of toxins and enzymes, compound screenings and blood tests. Some patients are also tested for HIV, pregnancy, ammonia or hepatitis. Although there have been many advances in treating people with a failed liver, the mortality rate is still on the high side. In case the last stage of the liver failure has been reached, then that the condition is nearly always fatal unless a liver transplantation would be undergone soon enough.

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