If you simply acquired your first one or considering getting one, you are probably thinking about how to care for pet rabbits. There a 5 principles things they need from you to remain healthy and happy. Rabbits requires a cage: A great cage for let say a dwarf bunny of approximately 3 to 4 lbs must be 2 by 3 foots. The rabbit needs enough room to possess is litter box in a single corner, food at the other and space from the center to stretch out is body entirely. They also love to have a towel or blanket in the bottom.

Plastic bottom cages are way better than metal ones and a whole lot simpler to keep clean. Rabbits requires a good diet: For a young bunny you need to give them alfalfa hay and pellets at will everyday. Green veggies and fresh hay from the yard will also be good for their digestion. Vegetables such as apples and carrots need to be given in moderation because of their high sugar content. For an older rabbit over six months, change progressively to timothy pellets and hay, no more alfalfa. A quarter of a cup of legumes a day is sufficient to your rabbit, otherwise he’ll gain a lot of weight.

Rabbits needs exercise: A rabbit cage shouldn’t be a prison. It is their home since they need a space of their very own. Instead of leaving them in their cage daily when you are gone, limited them to one room which you’d previously rabbit proofed so that they can run about and enjoy freedom. Rabbits should weigh a lot: It’s a natural thing because of rabbits to chew all of the time because their tooth just keep on growing. Provide your bunny with toys he can chew on like paperboard boxes, straw mats, empty toilet paper rolls, branches in fruits trees or paper bags.

This way he’ll fulfilled his chewing needs and won’t destroy your baseboards and furniture legs. Rabbits need love and attention: I think this is the most crucial part on the way to look after pet rabbits. Many people fail to understand that rabbits are very social creatures. If you’re gone in home all day every day, a bunny might not be the right pet because of you. Rabbits love to socialize with humans in addition to other rabbits or cats.

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