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The village of Mamaroneck, in Westchester County, is the first community in NY state to ban pet stores from selling commercially bred puppies. Mamaroneck joins nearly 125 American municipalities with comparable laws. The goal is to choke off distribution distributors for Puppy mills, with animal welfare groups hoping more NY lawmakers will follow suit statewide. NY state legislators could set a significant national example by instead targeting one of the biggest marketing assets that puppy mill owners have: the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show. Bans comparable to Mamaroneck’s began taking effect across the US in the year 2007, with the majority hitting the books from 2013 to the present.

The Humane Society of the US has encouraged a lot of the enactments. A proposed ban in NJ cites HSUS statistics that an estimated 10, 000 puppy mills now produce more than 2.4 million puppies every year. Amy Jesse, public policy coordinator for the HSUS Puppy Mills Campaign, said what’s increasing is the number of puppy mills the US government is licensing. In terms of ordinances, she said, Most of them have not been in force long enough to have a noticeable, national impact. LA and Albuquerque have seen shelter intake and euthanasia rates drop since their bans went into effect, she said, but HSUS has no evidence of causality versus coincidence.

We can’t point to exact puppy mills that have shut down due to ordinances because pet shops come from a broad range of mills, she said, adding, But that’s not to say that ordinances are not having an impact on the industry. They certainly. Possibly, but there is a far clearer explanation for all those numbers: consumer demand. The liquor stores closed, but people still found the booze they craved. Supply of the banned product moved into the shadows. Merely prohibiting the sale of commercially bred puppies likely will be no more efficient in shuttering the puppy mills than the Women’s Christian Temperance Union was at shuttering bourbon distilleries. That is why NY state lawmakers must also aim at A goal that drives consumer demand. It is the most prestigious conformation dog show in America, one among many the American Kennel Club sanctions.

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