As the pet industry carries on to explode, profitable pet business ideas are keeping pace. It is the millions of dog owners which are satisfied with their pets – and happy to spend money on them. Pet business ideas are nothing new – they have been around for centuries. If you enjoy animals and have been thinking about starting your very own company, there are quite a few pet business opportunities to consider – many of which don’t require a lot of up front capital. Let us begin by dividing pet business ideas in their primary categories. For small businesses, there are essentially four categories of pet startups.

Service oriented pet business ideas concentrate on providing any number of pet related services to customers. In a service business, the company owner and\/or employees are essentially the products, providing the pet services customers want. The key things to remember when starting a service oriented pet business are that your clients place their trust in your care plus they’re willing to pay for convenience. Many of those pet business ideas might operate during traditional business hours while others might require more flexibility on your part. Bear this in mind when considering your pet business. The next category of pet business ideas to consider is pet training and education.

The important point to consider with any educational activity is to remember what your clients are paying forthey are paying for your expertise and results. Retail pet business ideas encompass an extremely broad selection of ventures, however, one thing is common across all. Most small business retailers sell directly to clients, through either a mortar and brick outlet or throughout the internet. Some retail pet company owners have also found ways to sell their products directly to other, larger pet retailers. In your retail business, you can sell other company’s products or sell your ownor a combination of both. As is the situation with any type of pet business ideas, before you open shop, make sure to make your market research.

Because of the rapid growth in this small business segment, we chose to break it out. Additionally to boutique pet bakery, many small pet businesses are making money selling specialty pet foods. The latest issue with pet food deaths has prompted many dog owners to look at more natural, locally produced foods for their furry companions. Food product pet business ideas can be a lot of funespecially if you enjoy creating in the kitchen. These kinds of business have more rules than the other kinds of pet businesses.

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