When selecting a dog, it is important to choose the breed that is right for you. So as to do that, you need to be knowledgeable about the characteristics and nature of the breed you’re contemplating adopting or purchasing before you do that. The Shiba Inu is only one strain among many from which to pick. History\/Background: The Shiba Inu was brought to Japan from China 2000 years ago. Shiba signifies Brushwood and Small, and inu signifies Dog. Sometimes it is interpreted as Little brushwood dog. It has been originally bred to flush birds along with hunt little game in this dense undergrowth of Japan’s mountainous terrain, but is now largely a companion dog.

You will find more Shibas in Japan than every other breed. This strain almost became extinct during World War II, but has become the most famous breed in Japan and becomes more popular in the US. The Shiba’s talents include hunting and monitoring, watchdog, guarding, agility and acting tricks. Physical Attributes: The Shiba Inu is small, compact, muscular, nimble and furry and resembles a mini Akita and might be wrong for a fox. It is little dark eyes, a nose that is dark and a Spitz like tail that’s thick and robust and curls on the back. It’s got a plush double coat which most often comes from red or red with a small overlapping black or black with tan markings, with white or cream colored markers on this cheeks and sides of this muzzle, throat, buttocks and chest.

Personality\/Temperament: Shibas are alert, lively, confident, fearless, courageous and bold, but might be a bit reserved with strangers. They do well with some other cats and dogs if they’re raised with them, however, they shouldn’t be trusted around small animals like rodents and small birds. Shibas aren’t reliable off leash due to their trend for strong prey and searching drive and might chase other animals. Shibas might be competitive, especially un neutered men, and should have early obedience training. Shibas might be a bit stubborn if the proprietor doesn’t show pack leadership. They sometimes called Shiba’s scream, high pitched scream, sometimes referred to as a Shiba scream, when triggered or unhappy along with also when very happy or overjoyed. They’re simple to travel with and are simple to housebreak and will frequently housebreak themselves due to their clean nature. They feel the need to keep themselves in a clean state, frequently licking themselves like a cat.

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