Street Dogs

A 2001 law prohibited their killing of dogs, and their stray population has improved so much that officials across the nation have expressed alarm. In Mumbai, where greater than 80, 000 individuals reported being humiliated last year, the government intends to conduct a census of the dogs by utilizing motorbikes to chase dogs down and squirt their fur with ink. An associate of their Punjab Legislative Assembly proposed from June sending strays to China – in which dogs are occasionally eaten – after over 15, 000 individuals in the country reported being bitten last year. With pointed ears, a wedge shaped head along with a tail that curls over its back, their pariah is comparable in appearance to other prehistoric dogs such as the Australian dingo.

Dogs basically started out as scavengers. While that connection has mostly disappeared from the industrialized world, it remains their dominant one in India, in which strays live on the omnipresent mounds of garbage. Malini Jadeja, that lives in Delhi part time, said she had been walking her beloved dog Fudge Cake several years back not far from Lodi Gardens when two dogs arrived from nowhere and attacked. Fudge Cake was leashed, so he couldn’t run away. India’s burgeoning middle class has started to embrace Western notions of pet ownership, purchasing pedigreed dogs and bring animals in their houses. Many pedigreed puppies end up on their street, their castoffs of unsuccessful breeders or owners that tire of the experiment.

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