In stressful conditions, dogs which haven’t learned to satisfactorily deal with something as straightforward as walking on a leash, intuitively revert to a flight or fight mode. Since they’re tethered to a leash, the choice of flight is eliminated. Most like you have anticipated your dog’s improper response and have pulled up on your leash. We strongly advocate, registering for a positive reinforcement, punishment free obedience course, before you’ve got serious behavior issues. Not only will your pet or pet learn how to socialize and act correctly, you’ll gain directions on the way to keep control in a favorable way.

In any case, it’s never too late to alter your dog’s behaviour. To start changing your dog’s leash aggression, firstly you need to have check out the equipment you are using. If you are employing a retractable leash, and reel your dog out and in, as if you’re fishing, then you are inviting your dog to walk before you, out to the side or behind you. Not merely are retractable leashes of no use for obedience training, and appropriate walking, they’re also dangerous. Throw it out and find a 6 foot leash, ideally leather. Then place it high on your dog’s neck, right behind their ears.

An added benefit of a training collar is, if fitted properly, your dog isn’t able to slip from it, even when pulling backward. Think of your leash as a phone line to your dog. When you’re walking your dog correctly, you should both be relaxed. If you are uptight and anticipating problems, without realizing it, chances are you are probably holding the leash too short and\/or up too high. By choking up on the leash, you’re unintentionally signaling your dog to pull. Whenever your dog’s behaviour becomes unsuitable, you likely tensed up and are clutching that puppy so closely, your dog is getting the index to charge. The handler shrinks and shortens the lead, since the agitator Threatens the dog. The dog is encouraged to pull towards the aggressor, by the handler shortening the leash, then finally releasing them. The success of the training depends upon how clearly you demonstrate to your pet exactly what you expect, and how rapidly they associate altering their behaviour to conform to that expectation.

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