First Year Puppy Care

Everybody knows this a dog is for life, not only due to Christmas, but have you ever thought hard about how your puppy will need? Before bring a brand-new puppy house, plan what portion of the house the new pup is going to be kept in, and after that Puppy proof that distance. This is done much just like if there was a little kid in the house. Be sure cleaning or other toxicity products are not available to the pup, pools or fish ponds must be fenced. Or, another method utilized, for denying the new puppy entry. Make sure doors to the exterior are kept closed: Check all electrical wires and wiring.

Make sure they do not become a tentative chewing toy for your pup. Young kids should not be alone with a pup, but should be watched when playing with the brand new puppy. Feeding is very significant the 1st year for puppies. They will need a well balanced and complete dog food with good energy and protein components for their rapid improvement. Puppies need to eat several meals per day to provide them sufficient energy to grow correctly. When feeding with a nutritious food, nutritional supplements to their diet should not be required. Check with your vet first, before adding any vitamins, minerals, or nutritional supplements to their dietplan.

Choose a vet that both you or your puppy feel comfortable with. Puppies need several preventative shots when young, and followup shots as they get older. It can be advisable to have new puppies checked out by your vet soon after bring him\/her home. This can provide you peace of mind about any problem under the pup might have. At two or 3 months of age, pups aren’t yet ready for any formal training. If they do something wrong and are scolded with per severe voice, they get scared and confused, and nothing positive has been accomplished. They don’t know the distinction between wrong or right at this age.

It’s far better to get started with a Few simple words: Sit, down, stay, no biting are all good words to begin with. When the puppy performs one of these actions correctly, give him\/her plenty of praise and love. Remember, puppies are like young kids going through different phases of learning about life. They’re very inquisitive about the world around them.

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