3 Dog Large breed, cute, easy to care for, can be used as a guard dog to help guard the house.

Let’s start with the large breed dogs first. For friends who think that the small dog breed is not satisfied. Try to find a large, warm hugging dog to play with when you’re lonely. and acting as a watchdog at the same time Let me tell you that in this article, we have prepared a buy-sell price. Approximately of each large dog breed But if any friends like and want to check the price of small breed dogs. We have prepared for you as well.

Once you know the approximate price of each dog breed, don’t wait. Today, Yora Thailand recommends 18 large dog breeds. cute to be a four-legged friend a kind big brother But it looks formidable. and can protect family members We include information about dogs such as general characteristics, temperament, various diseases to be aware of, estimated prices. Recommended farms in Thailand And the right food is already provided. Well, don’t wait, let’s go and see.

1. Alaskan Malamute

Let’s start with the giant, warm hugging ‘Alaskan Malamute’ who is often mistaken for a Siberian Husky, but the two are actually quite different. please In particular, the size of Alaska is clearly larger. But in the mischievous part, it is secretly a little inferior to the Husky. The breed originated from the Malamute tribe in northern Alaska. Act as a sled dog along the snowy path Because this big dog breed is very powerful. and extremely powerful

general characteristics

The ears are set triangular, the nose is long.

large bone structure and very strong

Fluffy fur all over the body, available in many colors.

Average weight 30 – 40 kg.

habits and lifestyle

Love freedom, love to explore the wide world.

Enthusiastic (but not as mischievous as the Husky)

Friendly with humans, likes to be around the owner.

Not much barking, but may howl instead of bruh

Diseases to be aware of

Hip dysplasia occurs more frequently in overweight dogs. It usually begins in the loose humerus of the hind leg. If left untreated, it may lead to paralysis and unable to live a normal life. This can be prevented by providing proper nutrition. and fit exercise

Appropriate food: because the Alaskan Big Brother has a healthy body. Ready to run, play, exercise all the time Food is therefore very important for the dog to have a complete quality of life. Owners should choose quality large breed dog food. high protein content as well as having other nutrients in the right amount You need to divide your food into smaller meals during the day and limit your food intake accordingly. to prevent problems with excess weight The older the younger This dog’s weight is easy to gain. And the excitement may be reduced to an old mother Therefore, there must be a special way of caring for this breed as it grows older.

2.Rough Collie

‘Collie’, the smartest sheepdog of Scotland. It’s another big, long-haired dog that’s always cute. Because with a silly face combined with the intelligence of this breed I guarantee that you will definitely become loved by the whole house. And even though Collie used to be a worker on a sheep farm. But nowadays we may see this breed of dog participating in the competition. They can show off their skills to run fast and follow orders sharply. Let me tell you that it’s not difficult to teach to follow instructions.

general characteristics

noticeably long nose

Long, straight, shiny hair

large, triangular auricle

Average age 10 – 16 years

habits and lifestyle

Enthusiastic, likes to play naughty all the time.

Get along well with everyone in the family.

Love children, suitable for homes with children.

May not stop barking when bored or meet strangers

Diseases to be aware of

Dogs Cancer A survey found that more than a quarter of dog breeds suffer from cancer. This can be caused by a number of factors such as heredity, environment, and diet. Owners should take precautions early on when things are under control. Especially paying attention to choosing high quality food.

Suitable food : Suitable food for the collie. is a food that is rich in high nutrition To balance the energy a collie needs to run each day and keep her coat looking good. Owners should calculate the proper amount of food for each dog. Usually, these dogs require slightly more protein than normal. And should be divided into 2 – 3 small meals per day.

3 Siberian Husky

One of the most popular large dog breeds is the husky, fluffy fur and blue eyes. These dogs are energetic, energetic and charming. be greedy like to be near the owner Some are gifted with the ability to speak or sing. The origin of this breed comes from the Siberian region of Russia. It started out as a Working Dog or working dog before. Most of them act as sled dogs in cold regions. But even if you can work hard But this one is so stubborn that it has earned him the nickname ‘Sybeling’. Just let the kids run a lot. Because the Siberian dog is very energy-hungry.

general characteristics

It has thick fur and almond-shaped eyes.

The ears stand elegantly in a triangular shape. Receive the audio signal clearly.

good long nose very good sense of smell

The average weight is 18 – 27 kg.

habits and lifestyle

Lots of energy, likes to run naughty.

cheerful, good-humored, naughty

More howling than barking, some can sing chorus along.

Smart, easy to learn (lock the cage well because he may secretly open the cage door by himself)

Diseases to be aware of

GDV Syndrome: Gastric Dilatation Volvulus (dilated and distended stomach) is often caused by the husky rushing to eat or drink excessive amounts of water after a run. until the twisting of the stomach until death This can be avoided by paying attention to the amount of food and water. Don’t put aside too much. In addition, there are various diseases in dogs that need to be careful as the dog breeds older. As you’ve heard, country dogs are often weak and easily ill, it might not be an exaggeration to say.

Scottish Fold cat breed, food, how to treat, habits

Scottish Fold Cat General Information

Scottish Fold cats are one of the most popular cat breeds that Thais and foreigners love to raise. The highlight is the folded ears, round head, big eyes, short neck, making it look like a doll that many people fall in love at first sight. The Scottish Fold cats we see are generally short-haired, but there are actually long-haired Scottish fold cats. It’s an option for people who want to have a long-haired cat with folded ears as well. Who is ready to be a parent? Let’s get to know more about this adorable breed of fold-eared cat. both how to buy, take care of the cat’s food And most importantly, at the end of the article, we also have a cat farm with the price of the Scottish Fold cat.

History of the Scottish Fold Cat

The history of the Scottish Fold cat goes back to 1961 in Scotland. pertshire A white kitten was found in a barn named Susie, a folded-eared cat amongst the other up-eared kittens. After growing up, Susie mated with a British Shorthair cat. The kittens that came out also had folded ears.

Later, it was brought to the party and became popular in Scotland and Europe. After that, it spread to America. Numerous breed developers have taken the Scottish Fold to develop a strong pedigree. more complete

For the origin of the species name The breed was originally called Lop or Lop-ears, which is the same as the Fold-eared rabbit breed. After that in 1966, the name of the breed was changed to “Scottish Fold” according to the origin and distinctive features of the Pomeranian itself.

Scottish Fold cat personality traits

Besides the appearance, it was what made the slaves fall in love with the Scottish Fold. is a playful habit love to play with cat toys but not too naughty Do not climb or bite to destroy things. Compared to other breeds of agile cats, they are quite gentle, kind, and enjoy being with their owners. Can feed with small children and other animals well

Breed standard and good physical characteristics for a Scottish Fold cat

How to buy a Scottish Fold kitten With the price and other aside, a good trait for a Scottish Fold cat is its round head, folded ears that fit snugly over the head. (In the case of a folding ear type Because Scottish Fold cats have erect ears too) In addition, the body is afraid, the tail is long, the length of the tail when folded up is about the shoulder, the tail is not stiff, does not bend, this is the Scottish Fold cat. with good basic characteristics ready to move house

In addition to the basic characteristics of buying a kitten Let’s take a look at the overall characteristics of this cat breed. As I said, The Scottish Fold cat is a cat whose folded ears are the hallmark of the breed. make some people look as cute as Doraemon head like meatballs Or some say like an owl because of its big round eyes. But besides the folding ears, there are also Scottish Folds with upright ears. The erect or folded ears will begin to show at the age of 3 weeks or more. and has a small ear size There are also both short-haired and long-haired versions.

In terms of body structure, this breed is a medium-sized cat. The full body weight is about 4 – 5 kg. The head is round and the forehead can be curved. The muzzle is not extended, the neck is short, the body is neither too short nor too long. The legs are short to medium length and solid looking. The coat characteristics of the Scottish Fold cat are thick, dense, both short-haired and long-haired. The color of the coat can be white, blue, black, orange, cream, or rare colors like chocolate. It comes with different stripes just like other cat breeds, including tabby, tiger stripes, and speckled stripes. The average age of this cat breed is 11-14 years.



8 popular strains of Dogs – dogs to bring to Thailand

After we got We have introduced cat breeds, and this time there are some dog breeds. The dog is considered a companion or buddy of different breeds with humans for many generations. Because of loveliness, intelligence and perversity in pleasing Moreover, the loyalty of the dog who sacrificed his life to protect his owner. Which is no surprise why many homes have dogs as friends There are also many people who want to raise, but are not sure what breed will be right for them. So today I have collected and come to ‘introduce dog breeds’ Cute dogs in Thailand ‘come together.

1 Labrador Ritter

The Labrador Retriever was originally from Canada. After that it was developed and bred for use in hunting or in some places that may be useful in the rescue as well. Therefore, this dog breed is intelligent and at the same time quite strong. So whoever gets this breed you will need to give your dog at least 30 minutes of daily exercise to keep him fit and healthy (1).

Character traits: The Labrador Retriever is a playful, intelligent, fun dog who likes to please its owner. Until the owner had to fall in love with it without knowing If someone wants to get a dog of this breed, you should have a space in the house for him to run and play. Because the dog can get fat quite easily If not having exercise

How are you doing with the dog breeds that we have introduced? I hope you find this information useful. Making you decide which dog breed to get But anyway, after you get your favorite dog back and raise You too, don’t forget to pay attention to food and other essential items, whether it’s small breed dog food, large breed dog food or dog food supplement. You will have to choose to meet the needs of the dog. Also have A flea comb, brush or flea shampoo for dogs Used for maintenance of feathers Dog cage or dog bed In order to keep the dog in place This includes dog toys, leashes, and collars that allow your dog to play and take them for walks to keep her healthy.

2 siberian husky

The Siberian Husky was originally bred from a cold sled dog. So what is attached to this breed is its extreme strength and cold tolerance. By the shape of the dog has a long, tight coat. The color of the fur around the eyes, stomach, legs and face is white, and the eyes are light brown, yellow, dark brown or blue. In addition, some of them have eyes of each color, that is, half brown, half blue. ‘Overall, the dog looks really cool and charming (2).

Character traits: Also, the Siberian is a very energetic dog. So you might have to deal with a little bit of that naughty mess. But if someone who has time and loves to run and play with their dogs a lot, the Siberian might be right for you.

3 Golden

Its tall and airy body has long thick golden hair. Just speaking, I know that the breed is ‘Golden’, and the Golden is originated and developed from the spaniel group. The Golden is also a smart dog. Including the senses of hearing and smell very well Therefore, it has been practiced in smelling, stalking, or drug testing (3).

Trait: The Golden is a very modest dog. There is also a relatively high generosity. Although the dog had never known a dog or a stranger before. But it will not be difficult to make friends Therefore, if anyone who wants to have a heart dog and rarely bark in the house. Golden is considered to be the answer.

4 Pomeranian

Pom is one of the species that Thai people like to raise as well. The origins of this breed come from the Pomeranian or Northern Europe The Pomeranian dog was bred for a small size and long fur to be able to live in the European climate. However, her face is sharp and resembles a fox. Including ears that are relatively short and pointed upright With its small, cute and furry coat, many people fall in love with and buy it for many homes (4).

Character traits: The Pomeranian is highly agile and quite intelligent. But anyone thinking of raising may have to understand the nature of sound first. Because Nong Pom has a rather high-pitched bark and sometimes bark for no reason at times.

5 Pug Dog

The pug is another small dog breed. Originating in China about 400 years ago, the Pug has a very unique shape: its wrinkled face, its ears and relatively short hair. But at the same time, the pug’s fur has a double density. The pug has about three fur colors: silvery orange, yellowish orange, or black (5).

Personality: Pugs are very affectionate and loving dogs. Even if you are paired with other dogs. Pugs will get along well with friends. But parenting may have to be a little careful. Because the pug is not suitable for hot and humid weather Which, if left, may cause a heat stroke

6 Beagle

Beagles are becoming a very popular breed in Thailand right now. Because with a lovely shape and size that is not too large Including the ears and short fur that are easy to clean. The specialty of this breed is its olfactory nerve so many police have trained beagle to smell suspicious objects. Including the acidic wisdom that anyone will fall in love with (6)

Personality: The basis of the beagle is quite friendly and a certain amount of polite dog. But if you are thinking of getting a dog breed, don’t leave him alone until he feels lonely. Because the dog will be bored and can be stressed

7 Chihuahua
The Chihuahua is probably the most well known dog breed. The origin of the Chihuahua comes from Mexico. However, her shape is relatively small. Have eyes that are round and black The body size is about 16-20 centimeters and weighs no more than 2.5 to 2.7 kilograms, so anyone who has little and limited space indoors. Chihuahua dogs are very suitable. However, you may need to pay attention to this breed of dog in terms of good health. Because heredity can cause a dog’s disease Also, if your dog is pregnant, you should take him to the veterinarian. Due to his large shape and head, he may not be able to give birth (7).

Characteristics: Although the Chihuahua is small. But it can be said that it is very brave compared to the size of the body. The Chihuahua will love the owner and be courteous.

8 Poodle

The home of the Poodle breed comes from Germany and France. But with the cuteness of the short, fluffy hair and the size of the body that is not very large Including the intelligence and the frustration that will make you fall in love and hardly withdraw. It makes people around the world and Thais popular to party a lot from the past to the present. Which anyone who wants to keep a dog inside the house or call a closed system The Poodle breed should be a great fit for you (1).

Traits: Poodles are a breed that may have a brittle mouth or a slight howl. But I have to say that the dogs are intelligent, easy to teach, cute and very affectionate. In addition, you should not let them go out freely. Because the Poodle can be attacked by other dogs.

Funny Dog Play with Turtle and Play with Kids – Cute Dogs Compilation, 4K VIDEO

Funny Dog Play with Turtle and Play with Kids – Cute Dogs Compilation, 4K VIDEO
A widely viewed Canadian video that shows a polar bear petting a sled dog

might not be as cute and innocent as it appears. At footage taken Saturday by a part time tour guide in Churchill, Manitoba, a polar bear seems to be quietly stroking a chained sled dog. The video went viral, causing a collective Awww echoing across the Internet. It had been A gorgeous sight to see, the guide, David Meulles, told CBC. I just can’t believe an animal that big would show that kind of heart toward another animal. The straight out-of-a Disney film moment raised flags among conservation officials for a number of reasons. First, bears in the wild do not behave like this. Which was the only day we did not feed the f king bears, the only night we did not Put out anything, Ladoon told CBC. Second of all, the bears were entering the property, a dog sanctuary owned by Churchill resident Brian Ladoon, because he was feeding them, a major no-no. Lastly, one of the benevolent, dogs caressing polar bears ate a dog a few days before the video was recorded. Clearly, it is the bear’s fault for Not Realizing Tethered Dog wasn’t on the menu. Under Manitoba’s Endangered Species and Ecosystems Act, no one should kill, injure, possess, disturb or interfere with an endangered species, a threatened species, or extirpated species that has been reintroduced. Conservation officers removed 3 of the bears, the dog killer and mother and cub, from the property a week ago. A University of Alberta professor told CBC that the artificial experience between the dog and the bear in the video shouldn’t have been allowed to occur.

IRON MAN Playing with Pomeranian Puppies – Cutest Dogs Videos Compilation, 4K

If you’re a pet lover and wish to tell the world that you’re quite serious about it, then you may like to publish your dog pictures on-line to tell them that you’re. We might never deny the reality that our pet dogs are the nicest thing in the entire wide world and only looking at them make our day fresh, happy, and new. If you want to discuss their cuteness into the virtual community, then you’ve got to find a fantastic chance of afterward and upload it on the web to elevate your standing, in addition to your pets. Publishing your dog pictures on the web is quite easy, but getting one that’s good for your site isn’t.

Here are several suggestions about how to take dog images and publish them online. Show them a little attention, and after your puppy will be moving a whole lot to play – making it very difficult for you to find a good shot using your camera. Taking dog images requires a high end camera that may take good shots of them while they’re moving around. High speed camera will be perfect in taking dog images when they’re on the move. When you’ve an excellent camera available, you need to come up together with an angle which you wish your dog picture to have.

These are primarily the basic routines which bring out the sharpness of your doggie counterpart. You might also wish to consider the distance between the own camera and your pet to find the best shots. Since our dog’s facial area catches their cuteness, you need to concentrate more on their head to find the best photographs there’s. Since they’re very much active, you may find it difficult to focus your own camera on them long enough to take their images. It’s advisable that you always carry the own camera with your and start practicing your patience to get the best pictures of your pet on film.

Cute Pomeranian Puppies – Cutest Dog Running and Playing with Kids

Do not rush to attach a leash, do not rush out for a walk and do not rush to socialize. Gaining their faith is the key to success, this depends on the dog’s character. This assists them since they decompress, there is less to shield look after and because of this they may unwind and expect one to take the lead. Feeding time, feed a nervous\/stressed dog separately. Never place that dog under stress around food or the food bowl. Have other dogs & cats in another room at feeding time. Doing this you will challenge their right to eat & survive.

This has been done years ago to examine a dog luckily things have changed. Willing cooperation means they trust you to lead the way & take charge. Movement is submission in the dogs globe, however this must maintain a cooperative, trusting and gentle manner. Never infant a responsive dog, humans and canines don’t believe the same way. See your body language, function as calm decision maker they need. Don’t overwhelm your dog, leave them alone, much less is more. Never to somebody dog does not trust\/know to enter the dogs space and frighten them. Never permit a dog to fail, since you failed to defend the dog.

Know your dog, learn to read her or his body language. Be a real dog guardian & prevent your dog from biting, out of fear. Ignore your dog as you come and go this will prevent & help with separation anxiety. This may assist them view you as the decision maker, somebody who has their back.

Cute Dogs Playing with Kids and Toys – Cute Pomeranian Puppies

Cute Dogs Playing with Kids and Toys – Cute Pomeranian Puppies
sPipupe rae gamon hte abby dgo escipse no hte ntlpae. ecSin eyht cna fwollo dmmsnaoc hiwt ,14 ‘hryete ledlac toy pspeuip. Fomr lla fo etshe ppsuipe, eno nac eedrvi rloaeintxa adn tnacssfaiiot lla. oerfeB a etp ewrno nac essen efisiasdt ihwt shi ro ehr ,upp ehret aer ipts in ryikeo pepisup.

Fts,ri eht puypp’s age sah to eb ontmtpdealec. sihT is isacingtfin ot uresen that tyhe acn dhcormepne dna rieztalenni eth ntrniiag. neWh the pup si lod ehogun ot avele teh mess dna gnibe eth nnriigat stih si taubo 8 skewe old. Tihs age is nyoug eognhu to tevenrp gae niaintgr suessi eikl ogmvni ondura lla fo hte imet nda bnkgrai lulyod. seeTh ptos niirgant eokyri peupsip ro rse,ow mya sisp eht nwore ffo nad aekm mih or reh opst. oenSdc fo ,lal het eioporrrtp sha to aimtanin an ocitpitsim nad cueatsstihin doom wilhe cnigcoah. The feelings of unhappiness, exhaustion or stress might be communicated through activities or tone of voice to the pup.

eTh ppepsui rea revy inesviset os any ruaa ndeetrtrpei sa eodistapmnitnp ro ragen nito het ogd dna oudlc eb znetnailredi. Praises in addition to healthful treats can strengthen or motivate the puppy. hTsee etsrta cna oneivlv styat god seiokco or cpiese fo dbeoil urlytop or efbe. siTh ,way eht okyeir lliw lefe nnifcteod ubaot ehslimf adn buaot hte ieratrn. A lapy oiuetnr si uulesf ot engehthi hte ipdre fo hte enorw thiw teh tnanirgi.

d,hTri teh iteanrr hdsolu eekp eht nhcgacio sa nuratla as olbisspe. These puppies are like human kids with underdeveloped control over body functions. refBeo yan rniingta esosisn tsrast, het kiorye ahs to eb s,eeceixdr rpuyaiaclltr nhew ‘vtyhee bene lfte onael ro dselocne oeebfr cohnagic. hsTi w,ya hte xcsese negyre codul be rb,nude eanvgli the pup coseufd. yEevr odog noitca lkei gnatiuinr ro ceetfdea dsteuio utsm be pvyistoiel rdrewade. The rneow shloud salo lkoo leyolsc ta tawh eht ypppu yam od altryanlu. It si ,sits ysa Sit or cneo eht upp osge to sthi ercat ot p,sele sya tCrea. iTsh ldouc ehpl the yppup caseitsoad doacnmm wsdor with ipccesif taonisc.

Funny Dog Playing with Kids – Cute Dog and Kids Compilation

The Maltese breed is a part of the toy group of dogs, according to the American Kennel Club. They normally weight between four and seven pounds, and the height must be between 9 and ten inches. The pet has an extremely dignified mantle of silky, long hair. They do not have an undercoat, and the hair can be straight, and bright, pure white in colour. These dogs don’t shed, and white’s lovely coat is their signature. The Maltese breed is normally regarded as among the earliest of the Toy breeds from Europe. Royalty, nobles and aristocracy favored their little dog that was lovely.

They’re playful, particularly with kids, and they are animated and extremely intelligent. They’re also very social creatures – if you understand a Maltese, you are always going to have a buddy in him. They’re happy and content when they’re the centre of attention, while it’s in the show ring, or in the own family home. This is an eye-catching breed, and is loving, vivid and a very devoted companion. The Maltese strain is obedient, trusting and kind with children together with other dogs. They’re usually loving and good natured, and they also love to be pampered and petted. They’ll try to get along with some other pets, but usually get along with kids only if they’re well behaved and considerate.Funny Dog Playing with Kids – Cute Dog and Kids Compilation

A Maltese will generally select one member of the household to bond with – likely the one most responsible for his care – and they also hate to be left at home alone for extended intervals. They might have a tendency to be also a bit over protective of the territory, own family and owner, plus they might bark and bite if somebody they perceive as a threat approaches. The Maltese dog is completely committed to his own family and his home. This beautiful dog requires daily combing and brushing, or the hair will become matted. The coat is very glossy and soft, so care for it very gently, to avoid pulling out hairs or damage your dog.

They should be wet or dry bathed as also a regular part of the hygiene routine. Their eyes need special attention in order that they also won’t stain the facial fur. Keep the ears clean, too, and free from stray hairs. Maltese dogs are predisposed towards issues with the eyes, as well as disorders of their skin and issues with their respiratory tract. They do not do well in weather that’s very damp or very hot. They sometimes suffer indigestion, plus they’re finicky eaters.

Pugs Puppies

Pugs are small, cute dogs, popularly kept as house pets all around the world. At first sight, a Pug may resemble a little bulldog or a miniature mastiff. This breed is totally distinctive, with its heavily wrinkled, flat, round face. Pugs originated in China in about 700 BC and since trade routes grew, the breed spread out over to Europe and America. The dog is portrayed by a large, round head, short, stocky body and a tail that’s curled closely over the hip. The Pug is a very social dog, but can be stubborn sometimes. They’ve an inclination to shed far more in relation to other dogs in the exact same category and also often snore.

They’re also vulnerable to several diseases, such as an inflammation of the mind, a disease regrettably particular to the breed. Despite their loving disposition and adorable look, Pugs are left handed over the US daily. In many cases, the proprietor may find the dog a burden because it may need more care and time than the individual is willing to give. Some Pugs are left because they develop some illness or disease at a young stage. It is a sad sight to see such poor helpless creatures suffer. All hope isn’t lost as several nonprofit organizations look after such homeless dogs.

Pug rescue occurs on a big scale in most US states, with each using many organizations committed to the cause. These organizations locate homeless and neglected Pugs and Pug crossbreeds. They work towards finding them better houses where they’ll be well cared and protected. These Pug rescue organizations look after vaccinations and also deal with that the animal for any diseases and ailments. The businesses also provide foster care for the animals till they find a loving family.

Chihuahua Puppies

In case you’ve determined that a Chihuahua pet is the best pet for you, you will not have trouble locating a Chihuahua breeder to buy your puppy from. During your research you might also come in touch with lots of breeders that do not strain their Chihuahuas in a responsible manner. With regards to Chihuahua breeding, it would be important to make purchases and ask the correct questions when choosing the best breeder for you. There are several guidelines that you could follow that will assist to ascertain if it’s the breeder is breeding his dogs sensibly to help make certain you get a puppy that’s healthful, good tempered and appealing.

Bear in your mind that Chihuahuas can live 18 decades or more, therefore this pet will be a long-term commitment. You might want to find a puppy that’s healthful and bred carefully to prevent potential genetic defects and disorders. There are so many steps that you may take to make sure that the breeder that you choose practices responsible Chihuahua breeding.

First, check with your national or state Chihuahua club for a list of reputable breeders in your area. The American Kennel Club is just another good source for responsible breeders of a number of dogs. Your vet can have titles of great Chihuahua breeders and friends with Chihuahuas may be able to steer you in the right way also. Publications may also have listings inside these for Chihuahua breeders, so check your neighborhood pet supply shop for these magazines and trade publications. Should you go to dog events as obedience classes and agility trials, you may be capable to collect titles of breeders as well.

One other good place to search for Chihuahua breeders is on the web. If you can discover a breeder in your area, you’ll be capable to visit and real Make the location and dogs for yourself. If not, you may wish to take a few additional precautions to make sure that the breeder selects the practices responsible Chihuahua breeding in order that you’ll be capable to get the healthful dog that you’re searching for. The next step will be to ensure that the breeder selects the practices responsible Chihuahua breeding. This could be done by first interviewing the possible breeder on some of his policies concerning his dogs. If he’s dogs that have proven positive for these issues, they shouldn’t be utilized in the breeding process.